Stick Welding

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At MM Steel, we take pride in our stick welding services. Our experienced welders know MIGTIG, and Mobile welding, along with welding multiple material types and thicknesses to ensure your projects have structurally sound welds. Contact us today to get an expert welder for your project. Don’t forget to let us know if you are in a time crunch to see what we can work out.

What is stick welding?

For reference, welding joins metals using high heat to melt the pieces. Stick welding, also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), is a type of welding that uses an electrode, or stick, to create an arc between the metal and the electrode. The electrode is made of a flux-coated rod that has a metal core. Stick welding is relatively easy to learn, which makes it an excellent choice for those just starting.

Benefits of stick welding?

There are many different welding processes, but stick welding is one of the most popular due to its versatility and affordability. Stick welding is for various thicknesses and materials, it is a versatile option for hobbyists and professionals. While stick welding has some drawbacks, such as the need for more prep work and the potential for uneven heating, overall, it is a versatile and affordable option.

Do I need Stick Welding for my project?

Stick Welding welds metals such as mild steel, iron, and stainless steel. It is used on rusty or dirty metals and those with a coating of paint or other materials that would otherwise need to be removed before welding. Stick welding is best suited for materials that are thick or have a high level of corrosion. Other applications include welding in areas with high winds where welds shielded by gas may not be as effective.

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Stick welding, also known as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), is a welding process that uses an electrode coated in flux to join metals together. The electrode, also called a “stick,” is consumed during the welding process, creating a slag that shields the molten metal from atmospheric contaminants.

Stick welding can be used to join a wide range of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and many non-ferrous metals. However, the specific electrode used and the welding technique may vary depending on the type of metal being welded.

Stick welding is a versatile and relatively inexpensive welding process that can be used in a variety of settings, including outdoor and remote locations. It also produces strong, durable welds and can be used to weld thicker materials than other welding processes.

Stick welding may be a good choice for welding applications that require strong, durable welds on thicker materials, such as structural steel, pipelines, and heavy equipment. It may also be preferred for outdoor or remote welding jobs where other welding processes are impractical or unsafe. However, stick welding may not be the best option for precision welding or applications that require a high degree of control over the heat input.

Stick welding can handle slightly rusty or dirty materials, thanks to the flux coating on the electrode, which helps remove contaminants during the welding process. However, for the best results, it is recommended to clean the material surface to remove excessive rust, paint, or dirt before welding.