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Metal Cladding

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Metal Cladding Services

MM Steel is a premier manufacturer of metal cladding for New York City buildings. Our team works closely with architects and designers to create an aesthetic that will meet your needs and those of building owners who want long-lasting products in their properties without any unnecessary labor costs or expensive maintenance plans required over time.

We have you covered, from waterproof and durable solutions for exterior applications to lightweight indoor moldings! Our expert team works closely together so that your design vision can become a reality at every step: starting from concept generation right up until installation on-site; we are committed to giving customers what They want and making sure It’s done well within budget too.

Metal Roofing Metal Roofing
Roofing & Cladding

Trust Your Metal Cladding Project To The Experts.

MM Steel Has Your Back.

Contractors must always ensure that their teams are fully aware of the correct installation procedures and tools for applying metal panels. Metal panel installers must also be careful when choosing a drill set to the correct RPM. For example, a higher rotational speed (RPM) can lead to burr formation on metal panels. Impact guns apply excessive torque that can damage parts and make installation impossible. In addition, it will be difficult for repair crews to dismantle the part if a roof replacement is required. Finally, twisting and cutting drill bits can cause fasteners to “burn out.” GD 32 Self-Tapping Tools Guidance document explains that screwdrivers are essential in roofing and siding installations. They provide optimum mechanical performance to the self-tapping screws while guaranteeing the integrity of the building envelope.

Committed to High-Quality Metal Roofing Services

MM Steel is dedicated to producing competitive high-quality roofing and siding materials and professional technical services. We specialize in the exclusive supply or supply and fixing of industrial metal roofing systems at very competitive prices—friendly and efficient service.

If you are interested in getting the best metal siding installation services in Long Island, New York, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Structural Steel Erection

MM Steel is a structural steel erection company that provides quality steel services to clients in the Long Island New York area.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible steel services.

Metal Building Erector

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered metal building owners can get the look they want with the functionality they need.
Each Pre-engineered metal building designs begins with discussing your wants and needs, followed by a steel structure design that meets those wishes.

Residential Steel Services

We have the perfect solution for your next project! MM Steel is qualified in all shapes and sizes, from residential homes to multi-level buildings. Contact us today so we can get started on designing something that will last years into timeless beauty with our structural steel services.

Commercial Structural Steel

MM Steel has invested in its structural steel capabilities. This allows them to create more complex projects, which is critical for any business that wants success! Hire an experienced commercial erector with well-trained crew members, so the construction runs smoothly and on schedule every day of the build-out phase.

Steel Beam Services

Providing expert services such as wide flange beam to i-beam shape up conversions across different industries, including general fabrication work needing large beams with narrow sections or TEEshaped ones designed explicitly by engineers so they can withstand loads at specific points along their length without being too flexible overall – this makes them perfect candidates when you need something strong yet lightweight!

Commercial Steel Fabrication

For any project, the key to success is ensuring that all of its parts work together seamlessly.

MM steel is an experienced team that will be able to design custom iron works projects from blueprints or field measurements in conjunction with building owners for construction projects; This entails using many different welding techniques that only highly skilled individuals can do successfully.

Popular Services

Some of our Popular Steel Services.

  • Cutting and shaping steel
  • Installing steel girders, pipework, and beam sections to make a steel framework
  • Metal Roofing
  • Installing safety netting and edge rails
  • Reviewing technical plans drawn by architects and engineers
  • Planning project assembly
  • Lifting and guiding components into position with tower cranes
  • Lining up and leveling steelwork and bolting it in place


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